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Wudang Culture Seminar


Founded in Dec,2013.  Wudang Culture Seminar has 16 corporation members and 158 personal members.

The seminar's business covers:

1. Research on the theory and practice of wWudang culture and related problems.

2. Organize and support members to carry out researches and related activities about Wudang Culture. Host various academic seminars, symposiums, symposiums, lectures and surveys.

3. To facilitate academic exchange activities of Wudang Culture, including groups and individuals.

4. Collect members' opinions and suggestions on research work, and propose improvement methods.

5. Help members to declare national, provincial social science research fund projects and some other awards.

6. Edit Briefings, publish research series and academic papers.

Five Inovative Academic Team


1. Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology Research Center

2. Wudang Culture and Social Development Research Center

3. History of Han River and Shiyan Research Center

4. Preschool Education Research Center

5. Applied Physics Discipline Research Center


"Rare Medicinal Plants Breeding Team" was honored key industrial innovative team of Shiyan, for breaking through in artificial breeding and pioneering in cutting techniques of Taxus chinensis which is also known "A living fossil plant".

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