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Key Projects


Project Founded by National Social Science Foundation :

"Historic research on Chinese commercial figure system", applied by HJNU’s professors:Yu Bing, Pan Shidong, Rao Yaocheng,Wang Yongguo and Deng Lebing et al, is the first time to explain chinese commercial figure system in the world ,including concepts ,contents and historic study on ancient metallic currency of Chu. This project proves that commercial figure system is a significant finding of Chu Culture. More importantly, it brought out the opinion that "Chinese commercial figure is not only part of Chinese character and number, but also part of world’s character and number. Chinese commercial figure culture is part of Chinese culture". The project corrects other scholars' inaccurate conclusions about the beginning of Chinese commercial figure, and fills in the gaps of chinese figures history,economic history and accounting history.

Humanities and Social Sciences Youth Projects of the Ministy of Education:

1."Dynamic evolutionarymechanism of economic& financial complex system and  risk control  under random disturbances", applied and conducted by professor Xu Yuhua, college of mathematics and finance. By analyzing the influence that random disturbances have made on dynamic evolutionary mechanism of economic&financial complex system, explaining related conditions, this project offered economic suggestions on the stability of economic, financial complex system under the circumstances of random disturbances.

2."On judicial justice and its realization - based on the interpretation of marxist text", applied and conducted by Zhong Jun, college of Tourism and Management. Under the guidance of historical materialism, it studies the contents and approaches of judicial justice, for promoting judicial reform, preventing arbitrary and corruption, which is of great significance.

Social Sciences Funding Projects of Hubei Province

1.     Study on Folk Culture of Hanjiang River Basin

2.     Study on Wudang Mountain in Ming Dynasty

3.     Study on Hanjiang River Culture in the view of Sozialgeschichte.

4.     A War History of Han River


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