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Splendid! HJNU Celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival with Thousands of Teachers and Students Reciting Li Sao

On the early morning of Jun. 13, greeted with the sunglow, a total number of 3350 teachers and students gathering on the HJNU front square, waited excitedly for a big moment they had prepared for a long time.


At 7 a.m., a grand sound echoed around the sqaure. All the teachers and students recited in chorus the great Chinese traditional poem Li Sao. It’s a special event of HJNU to celebrate the forthcoming Dragon Boat Festival and salute the great poet Quyuan.


Li Sao is valuable spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation.”Ms.Yang Xianlan, the president of HJNU, said, “As a multi-disciplinary university with the main feature of teacher education, it’s our responsibility to learn and promote the excellent Chinese traditional culture through creative forms and events. In this way, after graduation, our students, the prospective teachers, will be able to exercise positive influence on children’ s interpretation of Chinese traditional culture.”


All the students and teachers, dressed in uniforms, read each word loudly and exuberantly. A student from the College of Education said, “It’s overwhelming. It’s my first time to feel the power of a sense of ritual. It’s unforgettable.”


It’s introduced that this collective reciting event has begun to be prepared since the early June. Special lectures were held to help students in their understanding of the poem. Mornings and evenings have witnessed the students’ hardworking practice. It has become a phenomenon on the campus.


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