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Reading Chinese Classics: The Opening Ceremony of The 3rd HJNU Book Festival

The Final Contest of Reading Chinese Classics and the Opening Ceremony of the 3rd HJNU Book Festival was held on the World Book Day which is observed each year on April 23. President Yang Xianlan, together with some directors, teachers and students from each colleges attended the event. Professor Zhou Jingfang host the Ceremony.


Ms. Yang made an address first. She said, it’s of great significance to have a Book Festival in our University. She expects the habit of reading take root among our students by organizing diversified activities, and the goal of building People’s Reading Model Base be achieved. She hoped that every student read more books and acquired knowledge and wisdom from them. In addition, Yang gave a recommended list of 80 books related to philosophy, politics, literature, technology and art, which was welcomed by teachers and students.

Then the contest followed. 13 finalists from each colleges showed their performances with the background videos and music. Passionately or gracefully, they demonstrated the beauty of Chinese classics in their own ways. After rounds of competitions, Zhang Yonglin, Sun Zhixiao from the Second College of Education won the First Prize, Jin Rui, Pan Dongdong and Li Linzi the Second Prize, and five other students the Third Prize.

Professor Zhou spoke highly of this Contest, reading Chinese classics is a good way of spreading positive energy which has contained the outstanding traditional culture and patriotism and all the participants have showed their sound language skills and stage performance.

The Director of Library, Wu Shen announced the List of 2017-2018 Reading Stars”. The present university leaders awarded the winners.

It’s reported that the Contest has attracted more than 130 teachers and students. Later, excellent groups and members will be selected to compete in higher-level contests.


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