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A Tribute to Classics: The English Drama Competition

In the evening of 25th, Dec, the final of the English Drama Competition hosted by the College of Foreign LanguagesCFLbegan at the Nanfeng Theatre. After two-round selections, eight teams turned up in the last show. Pieces of classic playlet were presented on the stage.



Shakespeare was the English majors’ favorite. The English Class 1603 performed the King Lear. The sad and ironic scene that the old King gave his three daughters lands deeply impressed the audience, with the lead actor’s excellent performance. Romeo and Juliet was recomposed by the class 1701. The star-crossed couples had a happy ending. The modern play Bleeding Mary reflected the ugliness and evil of humanity. The English version of the famous TV series Empresses in the Palace, was very refreshing, which brought the competition to a highlight.


The leaders and teachers from CFL watched the performances and worked as judges. The Class 1603 got the first prize for their fluent expression and elaborate acting.


It is introduced that this competition is part of the Chinese-English Culture Festival activities of CFL, aiming at sparking students’ passion and enthusiasm for English learning.

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