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The Annual Conference of Hubei Provincial Universities Association of Broadcasti
In the morning of Dec.9th, with cloudless sky and beautiful sunlight upon the earth, Hanjiang Normal University saw a joyful gathering: more than 100 teachers and students from 38 universities and colleges within Hubei province attended the annual conference of Hubei Provincial Universities Association of Broadcasting (referred as HBUAB hereinafter).
The teachers’ session was held at No.1 meeting room, having Zhou Jinfang, leader of HJNU, Nie Zaiyin, director of Party Publicity Department, Rao Jun, director of Information Technology Department, Fu Dunxiang, chairman of HBUAB, Lei Jun, secretary of HBUAB, announcers of Shiyan Broadcasting Station present.
Mr. Zhou delivered an opening speech. He said, broadcasting still has its irreplaceable role in publicity work even under the overwhelming momentum of new media. He expected more communication and exchanges between each other, and believed that it would enhance the quality of campus broadcasting with better atmosphere of cultivation.
Mr. Nie gave a detailed introduction of HJNU’s broadcasting running. He emphasized that in HJUN, much attention and devotion had been given to broadcasting work, by providing good equipment and opportunities to go out to learn, and offering full support to students’ activities.
Mr. Fu declared the annual report of HBUAB and reviewed 2017’s work in four aspects: First, there is a further communication between universities and colleges, with more thoughts and approaches on campus broadcasting coming up. Second, innovation on new forms of recording and broadcasting, which is the foundation of forging brand cultural activities, has been refreshing and enlivening the campus atmosphere. Third, the association has offered training courses to improve the skills of broadcasting operation and maintaining. Fourth, according to the request of development, more columns and programs have been upgraded and revised. In addition, He briefly introduced the plan of the next year.
Excellent Individuals and Teams were granted prizes.
In another room, a heated discussion was going on among student leaders. Mr. Leijun, the national first-class announcer, gave an informative training lecture to all the representatives from local and other universities, which made a good start of the students’ session. In the following part, Li Chen, Zi Han, famous announcers of Shiyan Broadcasting Station, shared skills and experiences on making programs with attendees, called on them to join in Shiyan Broadcasting Alliance. Then Student leaders of each university showcased their radio works and elaborated on the frameworks, regularities, rules, feature and so on, which aroused a lot of topics to discuss.
After the conference, the guests visited the campus of HJNU together.

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