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Backbone Teachers' Visit to Exchange Students in Beijing

Recently, 40 backbone teachers were sent to Capital Normal University (CNU) to have a 10-day-long training program. In the spare time, they visited the first batch of HJUN exchange students in Beijing. From this new semester on, 19 students have started their brand-new lives in Capital Normal University and North China University of Technology as exchange program students.


In the afternoon of Nov. 11th, 5 students from the College of Foreign Languages, waited in the Classroom 106 in advance for the teachers from Alma Mater. “Thank you for being considerate to us all the time,” said the five girls excitedly when they finally met.


It is the studies and life in Beijing that teachers care about most. Chen Siyu told, specialized courses here are very up-dated and very informative. Lessons are taught at a very fast pace, which requires them to make much time reviewing what they have learned in the class. Knowing that all the students performed well in CNU, Hu Zhongqing, the party branch secretary of College of Foreign Language, joyfully said, “ You are the pride of HJNU, treasure the opportunity you have grasped, study hard and create a better self.”




At the same time, Xia Xiaolin with two other teachers from the College of Education was meeting her students. He was glad to find that some of them became talkative and outgoing. “You represent the best of our university, so be confident and try harder. Remember that when you have something in trouble, just consult us.” Another teacher, Du Ying added, “It would be nice for you to communicate with your former schoolmates in HJNU and share what you have learned here.”


At 4 p.m, the next day, 5 students studying in North China University of Technology arrived when Huang Chaolin and other teachers from the College of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics were resetting the classroom.


“Are you used to the weather here? How about food here?” This time, the 5 students no longer felt inhibited. In the presence of their former teachers, they were relaxed and talkaive, as if they were having a chat among family members.


“I have confidence in my students. They have got good foundations and enthusiasm in study. They can, and they will do something.” said Mr. Huang, who was their former head teacher.


Yu Jiao, the only Chinese language major in CNU, was the first to arrive. She was so glad to see Mr. Yuan Li, whose course Basic Writing in the freshman year impressed her deeply. “ I really like Ms.Yuan’s lessons. She expressed core information concisely. It’s easy to know what should be focused on.”


In this small classroom, a pleasant meeting was going on. Students talked a lot about their studies and life in Beijing. Teachers got to know the students better, and hearts went closer. As night fell, they had a dinner in CNU’s canteen together.


As one of the Beijing’s pairing-assistance programs for Shiyan, it’s the third time that HJNU teachers have had the chance to study in CNU, aiming at broadening mind, improving personal comprehensive quality and promoting mutual communication.

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