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The Mirco-Film An Open Secret Won a National Special-class Prize


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Recently, an award ceremony of Nation-wide College Students’ Micro-Film Competition was held in Wuhan University, hosted by the Department of Social Science of the Ministry of Education, the PRC, collected 191 works from 156 colleges and universities. An Open Secret, contributed by Hanjiang Normal University, ranked the first and awarded the Special-class Prize.

An Open Secret starts in a voice-over of an HJNU’s original quote The Unity of Knowledge and Practise. Qi Liang, the leading character of this film, is a student from a poverty-stricken family. Suffering from painful domestic accidents and pressure from personal relations and studies, Qi was beaten and depressed. However, with the help of teachers, he came out of the predicament and back on track, eventually has become a Model Student of HJUN.

The film was based on a true story with little adaptation, executed by Rao Jun, director of Information Technology Department, Luo Youyou, a teacher of the Party Publicity Department, directed and produced by students from Journalism Majors.

It was in June’s summer heat. Several shooting locales were outdoors. The team had to overcome the tough weather with carrying heavy equipments. Besides, pressed by the time, every member had to took on at least two types of work. After half a month of hard work, the Open Secret was finished.

Mr. Rao said, “ it reflects how ideological and political education works in and outside the class by using a visual narrative way which is easier to be accepted by college students. I believe it can inspire and influence students in some positive aspects. ”

Only in one day, this film had had more than ten thousand hits online with favourable comments flooding the social media at the same time. In recent year, Hanjiang Normal University has produced a number of micro-films which has become a cultural tradition in students.

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