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The Outline of Hanjiang River Area Folk Songs is Approved as a National Project

Recently, National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science noticed the list of 2017 national projects post-funded by The National Social Science Fund of China(NSSFC), The Outline of Hanjiang River Aera Folk Songs Research (referred as the outline hereinafter), host by Professor Pan Shidong, was successfully approved.

A field investigation of folks songs in Lvjia River Village, Guanshan Town, Danjiangkou City
In Jingyang Village, Yunxi County
In Xiangba Village, Zhuxi County
According to the information, the outline has investigated and summed the formation, categories and cultural values of Hanjiang River folk songs under the view of historical sociology. Its academic and functional values reflect on three aspects. Firstly, this research has built and enriched the theoretical structure and connotation of Hanjiang River folk songs' study. Secondly, the process of field investigation facilitates the development and blossom of folkloric history study. Thirdly, the research is an solid action to rescue the decline of folk songs in Hanjiang River Area.
Some experts believed that this project is of great significance for transforming cultural resouces to culture industry construction, for developing the Eco-cultural Tourism Circle in the West of Hubei, and for the strategy of a powerful cultural province.
In Guandu Town, Zhushan County.

In Liubei Town, Yunyang District.

In Yinjifu Town, Fangxian County.

Rao Yaocheng, director of Deparment of Scientific Research added, the fact that the outline stands out of over 700 colleges’ applications, shows the correctness of adhering to local-based culture study instruction, proves the necessity of reinforcing the construction of academic platforms and research teams. He also stressed, "it’s never easy to do research. Academic research requires long-hard work and enormous amounts of patience, even under the situation of getting no attention or support."

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