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Professor Pan Shidong Gave a Lecture on Confucianism


In order to promote and implement a nationwide reading campaign, on the Confucious’s birthday of September 28th , a special lecture on Confucianism was held in HJNU Academic Hall. This event, part of speech-tour “Shiyian Forum” was organized by Shiyan Municipal Publicity Department, Bureau of Culture and Sports and related authorities. The lecture was host by Li Zhanfu, vice-director of Shiyan Municipal Publicity Department. Zhou Jinfang, deputy Secretary of Party Committee of HJNU, addressed before the lecture.




The lecture, themed Confucious and Confucianism, gave a detailed introduction of Confucious life story and his thoughts on Benevolence, Proprity, Filial Piety and Moderation, conveying his merit, theories and perpetual value for society. It’s a cultural feast for a better understanding of Confucianism in modern politics, education and moral ethics.





Mr. Pan’s lecture, using simple terms to explain ancient ideas, was thought vivid, professional and inspiring regarding the aspect of theoretical study as well as the reality world. It displayed a full vision of Confucious’s wisdom and charm.

A total of over 600 students and staff and citizens attended.



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