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  • School of Education

  • School of Literature

  • School of Marxism

  • School of Foreign Languages

  • School of History Culture and Tourism

  • School of Economy and Management

  • School of Math and Computer Science

  • School of Physics and Electronic Engineering

  • School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering

  • School of Art

  • P.E. School



  • University Office

  • Office of Discipline Inspection Commission

  • Department of the Party Organization

  • Department of the Party United Front Work

  • Department of the Party Publicity

  • Department of Development and Planning

  • Department of Human Resources

  • Dean’s Office

  • Department of Scientific Research

  • Department of Student Affairs

  • Youth League Committee

  • Department of Enrollment and Employment

  • Security Office

  • Department of International Communication and Cooperation

  • Department of Campus Construction and Management

  • Department of State Assets and Lab Management

  • Audit Office

  • Department of Financial Affairs

  • Department of Information Construction and Management

  • The Labour Union, Women Work Committee, Department of Retired Staff

  • Association of Science and Technology

  • School of Continuing Education

  • Library

  • Rear-service Group

  • Tonghua Kindergarten

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